About the festival

‘European Cooperation: Film Story’ is a three-day documentary film festival organised by the Ministry of European Integration.
The festival is traditionally dedicated to marking and promoting the European Territorial Cooperation Day, which the European Union established in 2013. Marking this day, Serbia joins the events organised on this occasion in more than 40 countries across Europe, during the months of September and October.
The European Cooperation Day is an event that promotes the European Territorial Cooperation, an instrument of the European Union, which for 30 years has been connecting citizens of neighbouring countries for the purpose of improving living conditions and developing border regions across Europe.
In the period 2004–2020, more than 1,000 projects have been financed through cross-border cooperation programmes in Serbia. Around EUR 220 million has been allocated for these projects that were co-financed by the European Union in cooperation with participating countries. The realisation of the projects contributes to the strengthening and development of local communities and border regions of Serbia in key sectors: infrastructure, healthcare, education, scientific and technological development, economy, tourism, environmental protection, and particularly culture.
The main goal of the festival ‘European Cooperation: Film Story’ is to present three documentaries by directors from various European countries and thus stress the importance of territorial cooperation and connecting people in all areas of life, from economy to creative work.
The Ministry of European Integration has been organising the festival since 2016, and this year, all films will be streamed online as well.